Matin Nikookar

Matin Nikookar
Currently studying at Beijing Institute of Technology
Studying Field: Computer Science
Born in: 1997
Living in Beijing, China

About me

My dream is to become a full stack web developer. I know it's not an easy goal to achieve, but I've chosen it myself. With this mindset, I started pursuing this dream by self studying. Almost all the knowledge I have about web development, was achieved by surfing through the web and finding answers to my questions. I think mastery is accomplished by hard work and that's all I'm about!

About this page

This page is designed to demonstrate my self-taught knowledge of front end design. It is built from scratch with raw HTML, CSS and Bootstrap and is fully responsive. The contents of these web pages are all part of my resume which represents my knowledge, experience and achievements till December 2018. The PDF version of my resume can be downloaded from the secure link provided below. Click to download!

Work Experience

July 2017 - December 2017

Description: A self-started business in gaming industry, based on selling digital video games, in-game currencies and gift cards.

Gift Region Website Founder and Owner of Business
August 2015 - July 2017

Description: A self-started business in gaming industry, based on marketing (buy/sell/trade) in-game digital items and goods.

Game Region Website Founder and Owner of Business
Summer 2015

Description: A summer job after high school graduation. My goal for entering this job was to gain experience in communication and website management which was fulfilled respectively.

Tbooking Travel Agency Flight Tickets Sales Support
June 2013 - May 2014

Description: A student job during the high school years as a translator of gaming and technology transcripts to improve my English translation skills and get a whole idea of technology world.

Pardis Game Company Game and Technology News Translator


  • JavaScript, ReactJS Framework
  • Git, Github, Command Line
  • HTML5, CSS3
  • SQL Server Instance Basics (Tables, Joins, Views)
  • Object Oriented Programming Fundamentals, Java
  • Working with APIs, HTTP Requests, JSON and XML Objects
  • Concepts of Backend Development
  • Photoshop

Studies & Certificates

  • Language

    I've always been passionate about language and communication. I started my English study at the age 8, and since then, I've constantly tried to improve them in the best possible way. I recieved my IELTS certification on February 2018, with total average score of 7.5. Currently and alongside my major, I'm studying Chinese in Beijing Institute of Technology.

  • BSc, Computer Science

    Prompted by my recent travels to China and China's global importance, I began my studies in computer science field, at Beijing Institute of Technology. Being involved and making impacts in the ever-growing technology industry, has always been a great dream for me and so, I chose computer science to achieve it.

  • Self study & Education

    My online resume at this web page shows how I developed my skills in HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and used them to build my own website. I developed additional websites, at GameRegion and GiftRegion. The processes I engaged while managing these websites consisted of: trading digital goods such as gift cards, in-game currencies and items with global sellers, creating secure atmosphere for individuals and consumers and finally retailing the digital products via the client side of websites.